Guided by the strive to offer its clients new high–tech products and systems, to guarantee better quality control of the whole production range, realizing the responsibility it bears not only till the moment of purchase, but afterwards as well, MARISAN logically reaches the next important stage in its growth – building its own test laboratory.

It was built with the most modern laboratory equipment, which meets all international standards and allows for all sorts of dry construction mixtures, mortars, paint and hydro and thermal insulating systems to be deliberately analyzed in different weather conditions and to be put to various loads. The highly qualified researchers who work in the laboratory in close cooperation with laboratories of BASF, WACKER and DOW CHEMICAL give confidence to the company not only to increase the effectiveness of its current products and decisions, but also to develop new ones – getting ahead of the market expectations.

An important moment of the laboratory work is the help it provides to our partners, analyzing different situations, conditions and materials at the construction sites and the recommendations for the use of appropriate products and/or ways of operation in the existing situation at the exact construction site.