Paste-like silicone-modified polymeric plaster with low absorbing ability and resistance to damage, for protective and decorative facade and wall coverings


- offered in more than 2080 colors and 5 structures

- resistant to pollution and UV-rays

- excellent color durability

- water vapour permeable (breathing)

- reistant to microbiological pollution

- resistance to weather conditions



Scope of use

TERMOFLEX® PRO TECH is ready for application, colored paste-like thin-layer plaster, based on silicone acrylic resins. It is designed for producing protective and decorative coverings with dragged or scratched structure on old or new mineral bases (cement, cement mortars and plasters, prefabricated concrete elements, thermo-insulation boards, gypsum plasters, gypsum boards, gypsum chipboards and others). It is very suitable for application on thermo-insulation systems.

The plaster has high elasticity; low absorbing ability, good cohesion to the surface and resistance to mechanical damages. During application, the plaster is sensitive to weather influences.

The color design system ENERGY IN COLORS offers multiple variations for individual forming of color and structure, allowing for a choice between 2080 colors and 5 structures of decorative plasters.

TERMOFLEX® PRO TECH is used as a finishing coat within the integrated thermo-insulation systems TERMOFLEX® CLASSIC and TERAPOR® ULTRA and is suitable both for newly erected buildingd and old buildings – during the renovation process or the process of improving their thermo-insulation or facade.



V2 W3 C according to BDS EN 15824

Reaction to fire С  according to BDS EN 13501


Indicative consumption

Type of the plaster


dragged (2,0 mm)

            2,5-3,0 kg/m²

scratched (3,0 mm)

            3,9-4,1 kg/m²

scratched (2,0 mm)

            2,8-3,2 kg/m²

scratched (1,5 mm)

            2,5-3,0 kg/m²

The consumption depends on the base roughness.



25 kg plastic buckets